Comanche airplane flying over the Perry-Warsaw Airport, Perry, NY.

I like to think of photographs as mirrors of memories, captured reflections of time stilled, if only for a brief moment. 

My first camera was a Minolta Freedom 100 – it was a tiny, instamatic everything-type of camera. Much to the occasional annoyance of my childhood friends, I was often found, with camera in hand, "documenting" our world. Finding I truly enjoyed photography, I eventually bought a Canon Rebel in the early 90s. While living in Delaware, I was fortunate enough to meet an editor of a local community newspaper who took a chance on me and gave me my first job as a professional photographer.

Back in New York and resisting the change to digital, it wasn't until an old friend loaned me his Nikon D70 sometime in 2012 that I was able to develop my skills and work in a field I am very passionate about

Jersey Cow on a local farm in Wyoming County NY.

Sharing Stories

Each of us have our own stories to tell. Through my prints and photo books, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often.